Freezer meals- Chicken/Dressin’ Roast

I’m very much into freezer cooking. The main reason is to be able to put home cooked meals on the table even on nights I would love to do takeout. We do that also from time to time but with diabetes it’s better to eat at home.

I prep things, multi bake, large cook just so I can put them in meals for us. I take one day a week and cook most the day if needed. There are some days that I have plenty stocked up and just need the salads done, radishes, green onions cleaned, cucumbers sliced and put to salt water. The rest is just ready to pull out and warm up. I always have cottage cheese in the fridge so dinner is ready in less than 15 minutes.

Today I’m cooking a chicken roast with dressin’, taters, onions, carrots and celery. It’s going in the oven at 9 should be done around noon. This meal will make 4 meals all together.


I will split the chicken in two, 1 side will go for our meals today the other side will be done up like this.

  1. I will take the breast and slice it into 4 slices (2 pieces each). I’ll put it in a 2 sided container and put potatoes and carrots on 1 side. I’ll make brown gravy out of the drippins’ and pour on top of the chicken then seal/freeze/date.
  2. I’ll take the thigh, leg and wing and pull the meat off it. Put it in some drippins and gravy ,it will be ready to use for chicken Manhattans all I need is smashed taters and thick piece of bread. (this will make each of us a plate) seal/freeze/date
  3. I then will debone the rest of the bird, put it into homemade BBQ sauce seal/date/freeze it’s now ready for the buns.

So the meal plan would be

  1. Chicken w/gravy, taters and carrots. I will add a salad or green beans. Have my cottage cheese, cucumbers and butter bread or roll.
  2. The chicken manhattans are easy pour into a pan on low add a little Worcestershire sauce or  Kitchen Bouquet to taste and server over the bread and smashed taters. (If I’m luck I will have some of them in the freezer also)
  3. The BBQ is an easy fix warm up serve on buns, add homefries or chips.

The Drippins get used also. I pour them into a canning jar, let it cool. That take off all but a tsp of fat off the top and use it in with canned broth, to make homemade noodles.

Well noon came and we have full bellies. This is what I made

I had 2 other complete meals, 2 sides for 2 (2hind quarters and a container of taters and carrots). A container of chicken Manhattan for 2, I also had 4 cups of thick broth to add to my noodles I’m making tomorrow with meatloaf and scalloped taters.  It’s always easier to have things made up on busy days.




I’ve wanted for years to have an organized kitchen only to have it undone within a few weeks. I’ve worked hard the last few weeks to pull a plan together that will help make it work for me. I’m the one who can’t remember where things go, so I’m trying this.

20170913_093615Every jar has a tag, and I only put things in there that I use. I can’t remember what I but and don’t buy so this will help me keep on track. This saved me lots of room in the pantry, but I’m not done I also took out my plates in my hutch and put baskets in there. They hold garlic, onions, taters(red, sweet and regular) and scallions. Plus I put play pretties in there because I like it, lol


Now if I just knew how to paint it. Everyone have a great day .