Great Week!!!

I spent a couple of days visiting my new grand baby.. someone was a little jealous and needed lots of hugs. lol

I had my 3 month check up, it was wonderful!!!! I’m still praising God!!!!! My a1c was down to controllable numbers, my liver enzymes where normal! 2 years of off the charts to normal. biopsies  after tests and more tests….there is light after the darkness. Type 2 diabetes is hard to manage, you forever have to listen to your body. You have to care about you, this is hard sometimes. I also lost 9 lbs.

20180125_145808 (2)

Now if you look at this picture and think, lady your still chubby, yes I know. The one thing I want you to notice is, I have eyes. Just about every picture I have you can’t see them because they were almost shut. One of the things a lot of diabetics have, blurred vision. Not now !Look at those peepers!!!! I’m so proud!!!

I had started new shots this past 3 months. . It has helped bring my sugar down but also came with some side effects, large very painful lumps. I still have the very first shot lump. So there are 10 lumps 2 will have to be removed through surgery and not sure on the others. I am starting a new one as soon as the insurance says ok. it’s very important that I keep my eating under control, along with exercise and rest. I really am praying and believing that I can get off all these meds.


So this 3 months the focus is eating and exercise . Breakfast is my hardest, so I will have to work on it. I’m going to journal on my plan as I go but remember, I’m just an ole lady trying to get her health back, I have no, no training about anything!!!! This is just what I will be doing for me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and God Bless!!