Mind, Body and Soul

   For the last six weeks or so I have been graced, to help my daughter and son-in-law, with their 2 youngest children. They have a new preemie little Lydia, to worry about in the hospital. I will be very honest. There has been some times where I would catch myself thinking, man what would I give to just go to the bathroom on my own…..I would then see this little girl peek around the corner, open the door and slowly come in. I have mirrors that surround the bathtub ( Something a real woman would never put there,) any way. She looks at herself smiles great big and just starts talking her chatter. She is telling me all sorts of things. Then I think of her mommy, our first little girl. She use to do the same thing. Then when she got older, would come in sit on the edge of the tub and talk. Some might think that is a personal time, I did too at times. The more I think about it though I wouldn’t change a thing, we talked about everything under the sun over the years. So little one comes in, plays at the mirror and our life moves on. (soul)

My grandson, is full of energy. Like all 13 year olds he has a bottomless pit for a belly. I think he could wipe out my whole cupboard in just one day. Yes he is a slender young man, what I would give for that metabolism . He keeps me busy. I think that when baby is napping and he tries so hard to be quiet he is the cutest. That is when he will forget and get ice from the ice maker. Go to the bathroom and shut the door at least 2 times and walk through the kitchen flat-footed just to make his feet slap on the floor. Now his side, mamaw  did you notice how quiet I walked. I didn’t pound the floor in the kitchen. I only came out from my room (his computer is there) 2 times to go to the bathroom and to get a drink. All smiles, that boy. Well he is right, I seen one thing, he did another. (mind)

After bedtime for both I settle down, work on my computer, blog and catch up with friends. I will read or work on my crochet. Funny thing is after the long day, that sometimes I think will never end. I think man what will I do when they leave. They do keep this old mind going, give peace in my soul and keep my old body limbered up… Love all my grandchildren and children. Then what?



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