Sunday afternoon!

Setting here on a Sunday afternoon thinking where did I lose this month! So many changes for us. I can only say that without the grace of God, I’m not sure we could have handled it. Thank you, Lord!
Our first challenge was the news of my brother in laws bone cancer. We have been to so many doctors and he has had two surgeries already. Radiation is going on now with stem cell and chemo starting in January. They have told us that his treatments will be over around Christmas next year, such a long road. This man has a kind gentle soul. He loves the Lord and even though his mind can’t wrap around everything, He believes God will handle it all.
Our next one was I retired! I am so excited to start new adventures with my time. On my very first day I sent hubby off that morning for work and enjoyed a cup of coffee. I worked on a list of things that I wanted to do over the winter. It was a wonderful day. While we were sleeping that night our son in law call and said they were rushing our daughter to the hospital. Their baby is due mid-February. She will be staying for a few more weeks. The baby needs to grow enough to be taken safely. I have 2 of her 4 children, a 1yr old and a 13 yr. old. Yes this grandma is wore out. I have to say though I am enjoying getting to know the kids besides quick dinners. I can tell ya I know these kids and they are getting to know me.
So this afternoon I’m taking it easy and tomorrow I will get the kids and start everything all over again.

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