Now to start this off I will need back ground. Hubby and I watch only a few shows on TV . those that we watch are Lone Ranger, The Rifleman, Daniel Boone, Hondo and of course Rin-tin-tin. There you go, so it only stands to reason that our first German shepherd would be named off (Rinty from rin-tin-tin) because she is a girl I call her Rinny. We just got her yesterday and it was love at first site.

Well, when everyone was gone and I was the only one left, I think she knew then, I was her Human,lol.  Don’t you love the look in her eyes, thats a look of ” What is that!” I said don’t worry that’s just cows,lol I think she is thinking “there’s the beef!” and gave me a kiss.

We will be taking our first walk of many  this morning. She will need training on how to walk by my side. I hope she has many years on the farm. Show more later. Have a great day!

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