Coffee, meds and me, How do you do it!

My first cup of coffee ,hum so good. If ya haven’t caught on I work 3rd shift, 3 nights a week. So this is my morning, checking my mail, looking at posts I need to answer and my morning coffee! My true morning love!!!! My hubby hates it, he would take a Pepsi over it any day……………I do love him even for his huge short comings,lol.

Like I said, I work 3rd only 3 nights a week. For you other shifters, how do you take your meds during your days off? Sometime I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I have an app that I use during the 3 nights that goes off 8 times during my night to let me know I need something. This app is new to me and last night as I was getting whistled at for the 5th time,( if hubby was doing it I would love it) I was about to throw it out the door but it did help me remember to take them. On Weds when I come home  I stay up and go back to regular days so hubby and I can have time together. I don’t go back in until Sun night at 10pm. So I’m home really 5 day shifts . I would really love some input.

I’ve been walking a little more now that the weather has gotten a little cooler. I’m being honest this little chunky monkey ( I know that’s a phase for  babies) well I’m my hubbies baby and he is taller than me,so there! Anyway I can’t handle heat all that well, not just weight but also health and meds. I do love to walk and thanks to hubby, he took me off the streets( Oh how I always wanted to say that). For some reason I just had thoughts of being thin,lol. I’ll take those thoughts any way I can get them, I do hope one day I will be mean and lean….I just turned 59 so that could happen,in 20 years say 79. I don’t know to many fat ones, and with a cain in my hand I could get mean..not what I was looking for, murmur. Even though I know in my heart I’m going to be one hot mama in my 70″

Anyway back to hubby. He mowed a path for me in the field so I could get off the road when I walk. I’m really glad! Here is my new view and walk area. I stay along the wood line, it has plenty of incline to help get the blood pumping and pretty enough to enjoy the hard work. Maybe one day I will be able to run it! Guess I’ll get busy everyone have a great day or night..


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