OH! I want to try that, no that!

Oh my! this was my first week off after leaving full time and going to nights 3 times a week. Now mind you I was thinking ,wow I have time to get the house cleaned up, do the laundry, work out in the yard, start my garden and many more. Well let me tell ya………one thing ran into another. I would start, then think, Hey! I remember something I saw on pinterest about this and off I would go! Ok who’s with me…2 hours later pen and notes in hand, I’m hanging pic here, coloring boards there….What, Wait….I just wanted to do my laundry….now I’m running around trying to get things done. So I have to take a time out! This girl  has worked most her life in charge of getting things done and here I am running around like my chickens, no way .


It’s time to plan.

1940's wife doing bills

I use to be a fly by the seat of your pants type girl (nope that was the 70’s) nothing counted then. lol. Today I need help keeping it all together. I’m not the young gal that I used to be nor am I so old I like to sit around. My mind does seem to forget what it’s doing so all the help I can give it is alright with me. So home planning is the key. I don’t want to spend hours planning each day so I will have to get somethings together and get back to you on it. I hope this rain stops soon ready for some outdoor time.I hope everyone has a wonderful day. God Bless you.




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