Well here I go !

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Just a old pair of feet ! Right, but then look again. These feet belong to a mother of 3, a grandmother 6 and a wife of 42 years. They walked me through my life  in Alaska, Germany, Texas, Oklahoma, and Indiana. They have traveled just about every state, been in Switzerland, France, Italy and a little to close to the Czech border….wrong turn, anyway as life goes I am now a semi retired lady who has changed course once again. Today marks my first weekend off for the rest of my life!!! Sounds like nothing special to others but to me, it is. I now only work 3 days a week. I will have time to get back to the things I love. Like many people we can’t wait to do this, now in a few years I might not be so excited, but I bet I am.


Last year I did my first 5k. My youngest daughter was by my side helping me and I really think she felt better going just so her mom wouldn’t kill over.  I did fine but a few weeks later I wasn’t feeling so well. To the doc where I learned I now have liver disease and diabetes. I struggle, to keep everything under control. Some days are better than others and as of this writing a few new things have came up but!!!! I still get out there, these feet keep me going and even though I will be slowing down they won’t let me stop. This year we started the

run 2017

I’ve done 250 miles and little one has done 340. Together our 4 person team has  done 1200 miles. Yes we are excited!!!  Now back to the feet….those big old feet. With all those changes come truth. No it’s not easy, but nether was getting on a plane for the first time with a 3 yr old. Going over an ocean to a new country where I didn’t know any German but I did it.  So now I’m taking on a new adventure, life on the slower side….  and I can’t wait. BlackBerryBrambles is my country life, raising a garden to share with those grandkids, helping my children when they need me (well lets face it) when I need them, which is always. It’s growing my blackberries, making my jam and jelly just living life to it’s fullest. So this is me………a 58 yr old woman starting another chapter in her life. Hope I didn’t bore anyone. Have a wonderful day.